Budget planning

I understand the critical role that a well-structured and accurate business plan plays in attracting potential investors and securing financing from banks. I am analysing and evaluating business plans, ensuring they have the necessary depth and accuracy to inspire confidence and support your financial goals

I will work closely with you to understand your objectives and the unique aspects of your business, enabling me to provide tailored advice that enhances the overall quality of your plan. My goal is to help you present a comprehensive and compelling business case that aligns with industry standards and meets the expectations of investors and financial institutions.

Furthermore, I recognise the importance of incorporating key performance indicators (KPIs) into your business plan. These metrics are essential for monitoring and measuring the success of your business activities. I will assist you in identifying the most relevant and meaningful KPIs for your specific industry and help you develop a solid framework to track and evaluate your performance over time

By integrating accurate and appropriate KPIs into your business plan, you will not only demonstrate your understanding of the market but also provide potential investors and banks with valuable insights into the financial viability and growth potential of your venture.


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