About Me

My extensive experience in chartered accountancy firms and my DSCG qualification have honed and perfected my knowledge of French law and tax, bookkeeping, tax declarations, and VAT

This allows me to offer you the best advice on French tax and wealth management, assessing your current and future situation, and working together to draw up an investment plan to ensure that your retirement meets your needs.

My corporate experience at Decathlon and in start-ups gives me a deep understanding of the challenges faced by business owners and enables me to support them on the financial and legal aspects of setting up a business, on a day-to-day basis with a business plan, and on changes and developments, with support on valuing the company, creating an international holding company, setting up a subsidiary(ies), etc. 

Finally, my two years of auditing in England with Deloitte, ACCA, and my position as financial controller in Portugal taught me how to audit accounts and meet the demands and requirements of investors and landlords.

These years abroad also gave me an insight into the international system, in the UK and Portugal, so that I could advise you better in these contexts.


During the auditing process, I analysed the accounts and ensure there is no fraud, and that the company is following the accounting standards of the UK, France, and IFRS

I needed to control the forecast if it is relevant to the activity and the actual figures. During Covid, I adapted our controls to the changes in the market and the specifics of the company we were auditing

Thanks to this experience I know how to adapt to each client, but also take into account the market and specifics of the company to a forecast, and adapt the forecast depending on economic changes and management decisions.

International Taxation

In the start-up I last worked with, I use to check the juridical requirement depending on the country they were positioned in (France, UK, Portugal, Australia). 

Therefore they were able to ensure they were following the right requirements, inside the invoices, the purchase orders, and the accounting. 

With my clients, I ensured they were applying the right VAT to their invoices depending on the French threshold. They now have clear rules of how they should apply VAT, if they are in the European Union or not, providing services or goods, and achieving the threshold to be liable to intra, extra community VAT.  

This also depends on whether the client's client is subject to VAT.

Different regulations apply in the UK. Depending on whether the company has a permanent establishment in the country, it may not be liable for VAT and may claim a VAT refund from its suppliers.

I can meet you in London, Lisbon, Paris, Lille

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