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I'm Victoire, a financial advisor,

with over 10 years of experience in accountancy firms, audit(Deloitte), and corporate practice (Decathlon, start-up) in France, the UK, and Portugal, where I acquired knowledge and expertise in financial management, tax, and audit. 

With qualifications in DCG, DSCG, and ACCA (chartered accountant certification), I am now focusing on financial consultancy and using my expert knowledge and experience to help my clients understand their tax situations and, optimise their financial situation on a professional and personal scale - in accordance to the international and national tax systems. 

I also offer assistance with budget planning, company valuations, and the necessary legal elements. My support is tailor-made and based on my understanding of your goals and requirements.

My long-standing experience and collaboration with law firms enable me to provide the most accurate and comprehensive advice. 

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